The Ultimate Guide to Organic Hair Colors

Let’s keep it short and sweet! This website explains what natural and organic hair color is in detail and what it can mean to you as a hairdresser or salon owner to use in your salon.
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The Truth about PPD in Hair Colors

The Truth About PPD In Hair Colors. Why PPD is needed in permanent hair colors. Learn what’s the use of PPD and why NATULIQUE stands out against competitors.

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Why Natural Hair Colors can be Effective?

Why Natural Hair Colors Can Be High Functioning. How can you achieve 100% grey hair coverage? Why PDD in hair colors that contain is inevitable.

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MEA vs. Ammonia

What is ammonia ? Why is it used in hair colors and what are the side effects? Learn about MEA and why it is a better alternative for your hair.

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What are Organic Hair Colors?

Find out the Truth about 100% organic hair colors. What makes a permanent hair color functional and what to look up for when choosing it for your salon.

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Summing Up

The verdict to our article is simple: Better, safer ingredients give the best results. We at NATULIQUE do exactly that. Discover our Hair Colors for your salon.